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Fast Track's Age-Graded Rankings

(Gamma Division has been retired)

Methodology Formula

Alpha Division

Alpha Points are earned by achieving a top 10 finish in any of the 3 following categories:

  • Male Overall
  • Female Overall
  • Age-Graded

Note: The threshhold for scoring Alpha points may be lower for races with low Team attendence.

Next, each athlete's top 8 candidate point values are totaled and the athletes are ordered, or ranked based on this total. The number of candidate point values will increase throughout the year until it reaches 10 after the last CARA Circuit Race.

Beta Division

Beta Points are earned by acheiving an 11th - 15th place finish in the categories. Just like the Alpha Division, the points are then totaled and the athletes are ranked. If an athlete acheives a top 10 finish, they advance to the Alpha Divison and their Beta Points are then only used to break ties in ranking position.

Why are only the top 8 totaled?

In order to level the playing field between athletes who compete in only some races with those who compete in every race, only about half of the largest possible number of earned scores are totaled. The amount of scores totaled is called the candidate count. This candidate count is determined by multiplying the total number of completed CARA Circuit Races by 0.53 and then rounding up. For example, so far this year there have been 15 circuit races. 15 multiplied by 0.53 is 8. 8 rounded up is 8. So if an athlete earned points in more than 8 races, their 9th, 10th, etc. best point values are not included in their total score and will not affect their ranking.

The 0.53 multiplier was determined by dividing the maximum number of races that will count towards the end of the year CARA awards (8) by the total number of CARA Circuit Races (15).

Gamma Division

Gamma Division contain racers who have not scored any Alpha or Beta Points. They are ordered by their average age-graded times from their completed Circuit Races.

About Racer Rankings

The above are automatically calculated rankings of racers who have competed in one or more CARA Circuit Races. Only members who have entered their results into the website are represented. These rankings are for fun, and are not intended to be used in any official capacity as certification of results or as proof of any achievement or record.