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    Training Runs

    Our weekday training runs are only open to current Fast Track Racing Team members. All paces are welcome. Additional information and special announcements for each workout can be found on the Scheduled Runs pages.
    = Performance booster!


  1. The Schaumburg Monday Night Team Run meets every Monday at 6:15 PM except if falling on Christmas at Meineke Recreation Center in Schaumburg, IL.
    There are several groups that run variance distances including 4, 5 and 8 miles.
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  2. Speedwork

  3. The Harper College Track Workout meets every Wednesday at 6:00 PM from late March until late October at Harper College outdoor track in Palatine, IL.
    All paces are welcome. Cost is $1.00 per person for non-members
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  4. The Schaumburg Speedwork meets every Wednesday at 6:15 PM from Mid-October through mid-March at Meineke Recreation Center in Schaumburg, IL.
    Join us in Schaumburg for weekly Speedwork until our track becomes available in Spring.
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  5. Weekend Group Runs

  6. The Barrington Hills Group Run meets every Saturday at all year round except if falling on Christmas at Barrington High School in Barrington, IL.
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  7. The Busse Woods Sunday Run meets every Sunday at 8:00 AM except if falling on Christmas or Easter at Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village, IL.
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