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l Run, You Run on Sunday, June 4

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Not sure where to run this weekend? Then propose a place & time and see if anyone else will join you!
various locations
various start times

Xtra Mile Running Fun Run on Monday, June 5

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Join the weekly Fun Run at the new Xtra Mile Running store. The group runs around 40-45 minutes for around 4 miles plus depending on the group. Runners of all level are welcome.

Heat index (temperature + humidity) becomes unsafe: 95 degrees or above
Thunderstorm - lightning is present
Tornadoes and/or high winds
Other dangerous weather conditions, such as hail or poor visibility.
Xtra Mile Running
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Route Map:
6:15 PM
New route maps:
4.1 - Hillier -
4.1 - Flatter -
6.6 -
7.6 -

Previous route maps are available for download from the Fast Track's Extracts section on the homepage.

Global Running Day on Wednesday, June 7

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Come on out to our very popular Wednesday Night Track Workouts. All paces are welcome. There will be plenty of motivation to go around!


Please do not park in the gravel lot next to the stadium. The Harper College Police will come and ticket you without warning. Plenty of free parking is available in Lots 1 & 12.

Cost is $1.00 per person. Bring your own water bottle. We will have a babysitter onsite during the workout. Cost will be $5 per child if you plan on using this service. Select the # of kids so that we can be sure to add another babysitter(s) if the # of kids warrant it.
Harper College outdoor track
Map & Directions:
6:00 PM warmup/stretch and 6:15 PM strides

What we need to remember this year:

  • Workout starts at 6:15pm. You should plan on arriving around 6pm and getting in a 10ish minute warm up run before we start. At 6:15, we'll do announcements, strides, and start the workout.

  • You can park at the lot to the north or the east of the track. You cannot park at the track. Period. The Harper cops will ticket you, yell at us, and it just won't be good.

  • We will have gatorade and water but also bring your own to make sure we are all hydrated.

  • For the workout, we'll break up in to groups based on pace and each group will have group leaders to help you through it. Please, do not feel obligated to do the whole workout if you are not able or if it is not smart. Also, feel free to switch groups if you don't feel like the one you started with is the best effort for you. We all support each other, no matter what ability.

  • Track etiquette: There will be a lot of us running around the track. Be mindful of others. Stay in lane 1 and 2 unless you are passing. Be careful of anyone behind you when you are starting. Finish on the grass (to the left) so as to not impede runners passing the start line. Use your outside voice when you need to. Don't wear headphones as you can't hear others around you.

  • If there is a soccer game, we are not allowed on the track until they are finished. At all. Period. Not even a brisk walk.

  • There will be baby sitters at the track. If you are bringing your kids, be sure to add your name and how many you are bringing above so Chelsea can plan accordingly. It is $5 per child, payable in the box. Children are only to be on the soccer field. We have specifically been told by Harper that they are not allowed in the stands.

  • We'll have Fast Track apparel to purchase. Get there early if you want to buy something (or do it after) so Grace and others can get their warms ups in. Cash only.

  • If you bring someone along that is not a Fast Track member, tell them it is $1 to participate and they will sign our waiver at the Track. If they love it, tell them to sign up for Fast Track on the website (Members have all 30+ track workouts included for a $25/year membership fee.)

Be supportive. Run hard. Have fun!

  • 2017_Pace_Chart.pdf

  • I Run, You Run on Saturday, June 10

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    Not sure where to run this weekend? Then propose a place & time and see if anyone else will join you!
    various locations
    various start times

    Wednesday Night Track Workouts

    Welcome to the FTRT Wednesday Night Track Workouts. In conjunction with our weekend long runs, these workouts aim to turn the casual runner into the competitive racer, and the competitive racer into a winner.

    Participants tend to run long repetitions, fast but not too fast, with a tightly-controlled rest or interval period. The key to success in these workouts over the long term is to run them at a controlled pace, and not to race against yourself or other runners. Consistency, not spikes and burn-outs, is the key to success.

    Track Workout Pace Groups

    Group Leaders5K Mile Pace
    Jon Cain< 6:30
    Michael Balian6:30 - 7:30
    Grace Wasielewski7:30 - 8:30
    Maggie Meersman & Natasha Alley8:30 - 9:30
    Diane Cain & Jennifer Hill9:30 - 15:00

    From mid-March to early-November, we meet at the Harper College outdoor track for interval training. During winter, we meet at Xtra Mile Running Schaumburg store for Fartlek and hill workouts. Whether you are training for your first 5K or your 40th marathon, all runners are welcome to come train with us.

    Please note that FTRT does not always have first dibs on the track and from time to time it is closed with little or no notice.