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» Running with Friends

l Run, You Run on Sunday, March 7

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various locations
various start times

Xtra Mile Running Fun Run on Monday, March 81 RSVP

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Xtra Mile Running
Map & Directions:
6:15 PM

Group Leaders

Jonathan CainGroup 1
Joe VukitsGroup 2
Kathryn SchaefersGroup 2
Grace WasielewskiGroup 3
Michelle GallagherGroup 4
Diane CainGroup 5
Jennifer HillGroup 5

Grayed out = has not RSVP'd

Schaumburg Speedwork on Wednesday, March 10

This event has been canceled.
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Xtra Mile Running
Map & Directions:
6:15 PM

I Run, You Run on Saturday, March 13

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various locations
various start times

» Speed Workouts

Due to the mid-November 2020 spike in COVID-19 cases, our weekly speed workouts are temporarily ON HOLD.  We encourage members to perform the workouts solo at any convenient location.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume the group meetups as soon as safely possible.

The Fast Track's Race Calendar and Personal Race Calendar features were programmed from scratch by the Team's webmaster, Steve Breese.  Please talk to him on the track or contact him if you have any questions or comments.

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» Next CARA Circuit Race

Saturday, April 17, 2021
9:00 AM: Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler
Longest Race: 10 Mile
2nd Longest: 5K 
Town: Chicago, IL
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(more info)
Location: Montrose Beach Lincoln Park
Address: Lake Shore Dr. Wilson Dr.
Additional information: This Spring tradition features a 10 Mile & 5K course with a unique track finish.

Race website: https://www.cararuns.org/lakefront10

» Perseverance

Biggest Race Nuts — 2020

60 — 70 Miles

  1. Matthew Jeromin

5 — 10 Races

  1. Jonathan Cain

» Talent

Fast Track Racing Team's Top Racers

  1. Matthew Jeromin
  2. Frank Cira
  3. Jeff Miller
  4. Brendan Thielsen
  5. Steve Breese
  6. Brian Sweney
  7. Jonathan Cain
  8. Christopher Schiel
  9. Ivan Yank
  10. Israel Alberto
  1. Grace Wasielewski
  2. Heather Hayes
  3. Amanda Hamilton
  4. Candace Draves
  5. Marie Billen
  6. Lori Gonzalez
  7. Natasha Alley
  8. Jill Creaney
  9. Jennifer Hill
  10. Leslie Kelpsch
  1. Grace Wasielewski
  2. Brian Sweney
  3. Frank Cira
  4. Matthew Jeromin
  5. Brendan Thielsen
  6. Marie Billen
  7. Steve Breese
  8. Jeff Miller
  9. Jonathan Cain
  10. Xxxx Xxxxxx

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» Hard Work

Most Improved Female Athlete

Most Improved Male Athlete

See more on Most Improved Racers page.

» Camaraderie

CARA Circuit Race Attendance

  1. March Madness Half - CANCELLED
  2. Shamrock Shuffle 8K - CANCELED
  3. The Good Life Race 5K - CANCELLED
  4. Soldier Field 10 Mile - VIRTUAL EVENT
  5. Run for the Animals 10K - VIRTUAL EVENT
  6. Byrdsong Race Against Hate - CANCELLED
  7. Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th - CANCELLED
  8. Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler & - VIRTUAL EVENT
  9. Chi-Town Miles
  10. Buffalo Grove Stampede - VIRTUAL EVENT
  11. Hidden Gem Half Marathon - CANCELLED
  12. BoA Chicago Marathon - CANCELLED
  13. Lake Bluff Pumpkin Chase 5K - CANCELLED
  14. Quarryman Challenge 10 Mile & - CANCELLED
  15. Snow fun run

Upcoming CARA Circuit Races

  1. Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler
  2. Spring Trail Chase 10K
  3. Run for the Animals 10K
  4. Chi-Town Miles
  5. Summer Trail Chase 5K
  6. BoA Chicago Marathon

» Performance Tracking

Fast Track's Stats

Latest Runs

» Achievements

Fast Track Racing Team's Race Results from the Past 17 Weeks
 NameRaceDistance Time/PaceFinish PlaceAge Graded
Jonathan CainSaturday, January 30, 2021
F3 at The Forge
Mile Pace: 7:29.7
1st Place
Cherish HairrellSaturday, January 9, 2021
Snow fun run
5 Mile44:22
Mile Pace: 8:52.4
1st Place
F 50-54
Diane CainSaturday, January 9, 2021
Snow fun run
5 Mile50:09
Mile Pace: 10:01.8
1st Place
F 35-39
Rachael KanalasSaturday, January 9, 2021
Snow fun run
5 Mile52:00
Mile Pace: 10:24
1st Place
F 50-54
Blake BoeingSunday, November 8, 2020
Louisville Races
Mile Pace: 6:50.7
3rd Place
M 30-34

»...& Celebration!

Upcoming Birthdays

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» Make a Donation

Fast Track Racing Team is a non-profit organization which mainly depends on our member dues to cover recurring costs such as track rental fees and insurance.  We also fund initiatives that benefit our members in areas such as race support, special projects, track equipment, supplies and promotions.  Below are PayPal buttons which provide members the opportunity to donate funds towards the betterment of our Team.  Any gift would be appreciated!

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