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» Running with Friends

Xtra Mile Running Fun Run on Monday, July 226 RSVPs

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Xtra Mile Running
Map & Directions:
6:15 PM

Harper College Track Workout on Wednesday, July 245 RSVPs

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Harper College outdoor track
Map & Directions:
6:00 PM warmup/stretch and 6:15 PM strides

I Run, You Run on Saturday, July 27

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various locations
various start times

l Run, You Run on Sunday, July 28

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various locations
various start times

»Special Events

Fast Track Racing Team Kids Night on Thursday, August 1

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For The Future Fast Trackers....
All are invited to bring out the kids for a night on the track!

Join the Fast Track Racing Team on Thursday night, August 1st at the Harper College track for a night of racing, fitness, and fun!

This run is FREE for all kids!

The distances offered are 100 meters, 400 meters, and 1600 meters (a metric mile). There will also be other goodies and food for the kids.

Races start at 6:30 PM and event will end at 8:00 PM. Check in will begin at 6:00 PM. Full schedule will be posted closer to the event once we know how many kids will be entered in each event.

Harper College outdoor track
Map & Directions:
6:00 PM

Parents must register their children online.

Be sure to pre-register to ensure your kid a Fast Track Kids T-Shirt!!!

Important note: There is no parking at the track. Parking is in Harper lots next to baseball field and tennis courts only.

In the event of bad weather, we will reschedule to Thursday, August 8th.

» Track Workouts

Wednesday Night Track Workout

Progressive Mile repeats (4-7 miles repeats)
First mile is the slowest; each ensuing mile repeat gets faster with the goal of the last mile being the fastest.
3 minutes rest after each mile.

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Wednesday Night Track Workout

Progressive 1000's, 5-8 intervals.
75 seconds rest after each interval.
The first 1000m interval is the slowest; each ensuing 1000m repeat gets faster.
Goal the last interval is the fastest.

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The Fast Track's Race Calendar and Personal Race Calendar features were programmed from scratch by the Team's webmaster, Steve Breese.  Please talk to him on the track or contact him if you have any questions or comments.

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» Next CARA Circuit Race

Sunday, July 28, 2019
7:30 AM: Randy Walker Memorial 5K
Distance: 5K
Town: Evanston, IL
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(more info)
Location: Ryan Field
Address: 1501 Central Street
Registration Fee: 37.50
Race website: https://nusports.com
Online Registration: https://register.chronotrack.com/r/48553

» Perseverance

Biggest Race Nuts — 2019

140 — 150 Miles

  1. Kathy Barlow

100 — 110 Miles

  1. Jennifer Hill
  2. Heather Hayes

90 — 100 Miles

  1. Natasha Alley
  2. Marie Billen

80 — 90 Miles

  1. Volker Rose
  2. Matthew Jeromin

70 — 80 Miles

  1. Jonathan Cain

60 — 70 Miles

  1. Antonio Gonzalez
  2. Kevin Stromberg
  3. Amanda Hamilton

50 — 60 Miles

  1. Jason Moderi
  2. George Pacholok
  3. Frank Cira
  4. Brian Sweney
  5. Dan Dworzynski
  6. Glenn Carson
  7. Shane Petrelli

40 — 50 Miles

  1. Harish Pai
  2. Michael Balian
  3. Donna Glade

15 — 20 Races

  1. Jonathan Cain
  2. Kathy Barlow

10 — 15 Races

  1. Heather Hayes
  2. Natasha Alley
  3. Jennifer Hill
  4. Matthew Jeromin
  5. Leslie Kelpsch

5 — 10 Races

  1. Volker Rose
  2. Frank Cira
  3. Shane Petrelli
  4. Marie Billen
  5. Jason Moderi
  6. Brian Sweney
  7. Toni Peinado
  8. Antonio Gonzalez
  9. Amanda Hamilton
  10. Michael Balian
  11. Donna Glade
  12. Steve Breese
  13. Christopher Schiel
  14. George Pacholok

» Talent

Fast Track Racing Team's Top Racers

  1. Matthew Jeromin
  2. Frank Cira
  3. Brendan Thielsen
  4. Jeff Miller
  5. Jonathan Cain
  6. Steve Breese
  7. Brian Sweney
  8. Christopher Schiel
  9. Israel Alberto
  10. Leo Jimenez
  1. Grace Wasielewski
  2. Candace Draves
  3. Heather Hayes
  4. Lori Gonzalez
  5. Natasha Alley
  6. Amanda Hamilton
  7. Leslie Kelpsch
  8. Kathryn Schaefers
  9. Marie Billen
  10. Xxxx Xxxxxx
  1. Grace Wasielewski
  2. Brian Sweney
  3. Frank Cira
  4. Matthew Jeromin
  5. Brendan Thielsen
  6. Jeff Miller
  7. Steve Breese
  8. Jonathan Cain
  9. Leo Jimenez
  10. Christopher Schiel

See more on Top Finishers or Rankings pages.

» Hard Work

Most Improved Female Athlete

Most Improved Male Athlete

See more on Most Improved Racers page.

» Camaraderie

CARA Circuit Race Attendance

  1. S-NO-W Fun Run!
  2. BoA Shamrock Shuffle
  3. The Good Life Race 5K
  4. Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler
  5. Ravenswood Run 5K
  6. Quarryman Challenge 10 Mile
  7. Soldier Field 10 Mile
  8. Run for the Animals
  9. Roselle Run for the Roses 5k
  10. Race Against Hate
  11. Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th

Upcoming CARA Circuit Races

  1. Randy Walker Memorial 5K
  2. BTN Big 10k
  3. Itasca Oktoberfast 5K
  4. Alpine Half-Marathon
  5. BoA Chicago Marathon
  6. Lake Bluff Pumpkin Chase 5K

» Performance Tracking

Fast Track's Stats

Latest Runs

» Achievements

Fast Track Racing Team's Race Results from the Past 2 Weeks
 NameRaceDistance Time/PaceFinish PlaceAge Graded
Volker RoseSunday, July 21, 2019
Humana Rock 'N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon
Mile Pace: 6:36.4
1st Place
M 50-54
Marie BillenSunday, July 21, 2019
Humana Rock 'N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon
Mile Pace: 6:56.8
3rd Place
F 35-39
George PacholokSunday, July 21, 2019
Humana Rock 'N' Roll Chicago Half Marathon
Mile Pace: 8:16.1
653rd Place Male
36th Place
(M 50-54)
Heather HayesSaturday, July 20, 2019
Hemingway 8K Running of the Bulls
Mile Pace: 9:09.6
34th Place Female
9th Place
(F 35-39)
Jennifer HillSaturday, July 20, 2019
Hemmingway 8k
Mile Pace: 10:21.6
4th Place
(F 55-59)
Jonathan CainThursday, July 18, 2019
Sundowner 5k
Mile Pace: 6:16.6
2nd Place
M 35-39
Marie BillenSunday, July 14, 2019
Christmas in July Half Marathon and 5K
Mile Pace: 6:56.5
2nd Place
Overall Female
Kathy BarlowSunday, July 14, 2019
Christmas in July
Mile Pace: 13:46.0
(finish place not available)48.6%
Kevin StrombergSunday, July 14, 2019
ET Lake Zurich Triathlon
(triathlon)2:42:25124th Overall
15th Place
(M 30-34)
Jennifer HillSunday, July 14, 2019
ET Lake Zurich Triathlon
(triathlon)3:18:00(finish place not available)
Jason ModeriSaturday, July 13, 2019
Grayslake 5K
Mile Pace: 6:00.8
1st Place
M 45-49

»...& Celebration!

Upcoming Birthdays

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» Team Tent

We are happy to announce that our new Team Tent has arrived and you will begin seeing it at select Team races and track workouts shortly. The tent is being paid for by donations from our members and so far we are a few hundred dollars short of its cost. Below are PayPal buttons which provide members the opportunity to donate (either additional or the first time) funds towards the new Team tent.

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