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» Running with Friends

Schaumburg Monday Night Team Run on Monday, January 233 RSVPs

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Meineke Recreation Center
Map & Directions:
6:15 PM
Current Conditions in Schaumburg:
Sunday Night Forecast:
Cloudy. Areas of dense fog. Low near 35°. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.
Join us for our Team Run every Monday at 6:15 PM at Meineke Recreation Center in Schaumburg. We typically have several groups that run various distances ranging between 4 and 8 miles.

Meet in the parking lot. If it is cold or raining, then meet inside in the lobby.

You do not need to be a member of the gym. (most aren't)

Schaumburg Speedwork on Wednesday, January 253 RSVPs

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Running during the winter months in the northwest suburbs of Chicago can be challenging. It can also be a fun and rewarding experience if you are training with the right group of friends. Join members of the Fast Track Racing Team to learn how to improve your endurance, increase your speed and gain confidence as you prepare for road races in 2017. Open to runners of all levels!

If you're running late, meet at the Dirksen Elementary school at Beech Dr & Hickory Ln at 6:30pm. Be sure to warm up for your first loop.

Workout: Run 400m, jog 400m, run 400m, jog 600m back to start to complete one loop (do 3-4 loops)
Meineke Recreation Center
Map & Directions:
6:15 PM
Current Conditions in Schaumburg:
Tuesday Night Forecast:
Rain showers in the evening becoming a steady light rain overnight. Low 36°. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.
Just like our Harper Track Workouts, all paces are welcome and all members are encouraged to participate. Please wear reflective clothing to ensure your safety. Workouts at the Harper track will resume the first Wednesday after the time change in March.
Map of Fartlek Workout:

Barrington Hills Group Run on Saturday, January 28

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Barrington High School
Map & Directions:
various start times
Current Conditions in Barrington:
(not yet available)

Streets of Woodfield-Busse Woods Sunday Run on Sunday, January 29

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Starbucks at Streets of Woodfield
various start times
Current Conditions in Schaumburg:
(not yet available)

»Special Events

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»Team Apparel

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» Perseverance

Biggest Race Nuts — 2016

30 — 35 Races

  1. Katie Paoletti

20 — 25 Races

  1. Jeff Devine
  2. Elaine Villaflores

15 — 20 Races

  1. Volker Rose
  2. Jason Moderi
  3. Jimmy Tubbs
  4. Steve Breese
  5. Brad Voehringer

10 — 15 Races

  1. James Robertson
  2. Diane Cain
  3. Nicole Oikle
  4. Grace Wasielewski
  5. Matthew Jeromin
  6. Scott Mangum
  7. Jonathan Cain
  8. Robert Klawans
  9. Frank Cira
  10. Joe Vukits
  11. Israel Alberto
  12. Lisa Matik
  13. Daniel Pintar

5 — 10 Races

  1. Veronika Tylova
  2. Rachel Meiner
  3. Craig Gunby

600 — 610 Miles

  1. Katie Paoletti

190 — 200 Miles

  1. Jeff Devine

180 — 190 Miles

  1. Volker Rose
  2. Elaine Villaflores

140 — 150 Miles

  1. Jimmy Tubbs

120 — 130 Miles

  1. Jason Moderi

100 — 110 Miles

  1. Brad Voehringer

90 — 100 Miles

  1. Frank Cira
  2. Israel Alberto
  3. Matthew Jeromin

80 — 90 Miles

  1. Roland Echague
  2. Steve Breese

70 — 80 Miles

  1. Veronika Tylova

» Talent

Fast Track Racing Team's Top Racers

  1. James Robertson
  2. Steve Breese
  3. Frank Cira
  4. Jonathan Cain
  5. Leo Jimenez
  6. Israel Alberto
  7. Matthew Jeromin
  8. Craig Gunby
  9. Mark Przybyla
  10. Robert Klawans
  1. Veronika Tylova
  2. Grace Wasielewski
  3. Wendy Jaehn
  4. Rachel Meiner
  5. Lisa Randall
  6. Ann Schaefers-Coles
  7. Katie Romano
  8. Jackie Damato
  9. Nicole Oikle
  10. Barb McGovern
  11. Danrey Toth
  1. Grace Wasielewski
  2. Mark Przybyla
  3. Craig Gunby
  4. James Robertson
  5. Wendy Jaehn
  6. Robert Klawans
  7. Paul Harris
  8. Frank Cira
  9. Rob Chenoweth
  10. Matthew Jeromin

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» Hard Work

Most Improved Female Athlete

Most Improved Male Athlete

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» Camaraderie

CARA Circuit Race Attendance

  1. Lakefront 10 Miler
  2. BoA Shamrock Shuffle
  3. Race That's Good for Life
  4. Ravenswood Run 5K
  5. Quarryman 10 Mile
  6. Soldier Field 10 Mile
  7. Run for the Animals 10K
  8. Downers Grove 5 Miler
  9. 4 on the 4th
  10. NU Run for Walk 4.1 Miles
  11. Windrunner 10K
  12. Alpine Races Half-Marathon
  13. Park Ridge Charity Classic 5K
  14. Chicago Marathon
  15. Lake Bluff Pumpkin Chase 5K

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Upcoming CARA Circuit Races

  1. Lakefront 10 Miler
  2. BoA Shamrock Shuffle
  3. Good Life Race
  4. Quarryman Challenge 10 Mile
  5. Ridge Run
  6. Run for the Roses 5K
  7. Proud to Run
  8. Elmhurst 4 on the 4th
  9. Run for Walk 4.1 Mile
  10. Windrunner 10K
  11. Buffalo Grove Stampede
  12. Alpine Runners Half Marathon
  13. Oui Run 5K
  14. BoA Chicago Marathon
  15. Lake Bluff Pumpkin Chase

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» Acheivements

Fast Track Racing Team's Race Results from the Past 2 Weeks
 NameRaceDistance Time/PaceFinish PlaceAge Graded
Douglas McKennaSunday, January 8, 2017
Walt Disney World Marathon
Mile Pace: 8:53.2
(finish place not available)54.1%

»...& Celebration!

Upcoming Birthdays

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