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Fellow teammate...

Blake Boeing

What Fast Track means to me:

Fast Track means way more than just running. I have found a community, a second family, that sacrifices their own time for the betterment of others that started with new friendships, positive encouragement and support.

City: Barrington

2022 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit Age Group: Males 30 - 34

Blake's Athlinks page

Personal Records

DistanceTime/PaceDateRacePerformance Level %
2 Mile11:48
Mile Pace: 5:54
March 24, 2018Winter Park Road Race67.1%
Mile Pace: 6:04
April 8, 2018Good Life Race 201868.9%
Mile Pace: 6:41
May 19, 2018Got2Run for Education63.8%
5 Mile34:56
Mile Pace: 6:59
January 6, 2018S-NO-W Fun Run!61%
Mile Pace: 6:43
March 24, 2018Winter Park Road Race64%
10 Mile1:05:40
Mile Pace: 6:34
April 21, 2018Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K67%
Mile Pace: 6:51
November 8, 2020Louisville Races65.1%
Mile Pace: 8:15
May 7, 2017Eau Claire Marathon56.8%

PR Pace Chart

Sex:M F
Age-performance %: 68.88
Name Distance Finish Time & Pace for Age Grade of Difference from his time
Winter Park Road Race 2 Mile
Good Life Race 2018 5K
Got2Run for Education 8K
S-NO-W Fun Run! 5 Mile
Winter Park Road Race 10K
Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K 10 Mile
Louisville Races Half-Marathon
Eau Claire Marathon Marathon

Team, Pacer & Marathon Races

Completed: 1

Planned: 1

2022 Team, Pacer & Marathon Races
Fast Track 2022 Team Race

Race ID: 575Sunday, June 5, 2022: Run for the Roses60.76%
Finish time: 21:29 • Pace: 6:55 • Age-group Pl: 2
Race ID: 751Sunday, December 11, 2022: Honolulu Marathon

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