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Fellow teammate...

Mrs. Amy Hibbard

What Fast Track means to me:

Community, friendship around the love of running. Acceptance of all levels

City: Schaumburg

2019 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit Age Group: Females 40 - 44

Personal Records

DistanceTime/PaceDateRacePerformance Level %
Mile Pace: 8:29
April 7, 2019The Good Life Race 5K59.1%
Mile Pace: 9:10
March 24, 2019Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle55.9%

PR Pace Chart

Sex:M F
Age-performance %: 59.10
Name Distance Finish Time & Pace for Age Grade of Difference from her time
The Good Life Race 5K 5K
Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K

Team, Pacer & Marathon Races

Completed: 1

Planned: 1

2019 Team, Pacer & Marathon Races
Race ID: 2561 - Team Race!Sunday, April 7, 2019: The Good Life Race 5K59.10%
Finish time: 26:22 • Overall Place: 120 • Gender Place: 120 • Age-group Pl: 18
Race ID: 2599 - Team Race!Sunday, June 2, 2019: Roselle Run for the Roses 5k

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