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Fellow teammate...

Tim Mucha

What Fast Track means to me:

Fast Track means dedication, support and friendship. I'm dedicated to not only myself and my goals, but also to the rest of the team. I'm dedicated to group 2 and pushing the pace, working hard and helping everyone improve. I'm here to be supported during my runs and races and provide the same to my teammates. Finally, I've made some awesome friends in my few months here and I look forward to making more friendships over the years as we run many miles together.

City: Elk Grove Village

2019 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit Age Group: Males 25 - 29

Tim's Athlinks page

Personal Records

DistanceTime/PaceDateRacePerformance Level %
Mile Pace: 5:55
June 2, 2018Trot Against Trafficking70.6%
4 Mile25:12
Mile Pace: 6:18
July 4, 2018Elmhurst 4 on the 4th67.1%
Mile Pace: 6:56
November 25, 2017Schaumburg half marathon & 5k Turkey trot64.2%

PR Pace Chart

Sex:M F
Age-performance %: 70.58
Name Distance Finish Time & Pace for Age Grade of Difference from his time
Trot Against Trafficking 5K
Elmhurst 4 on the 4th 4 Mile
Schaumburg half marathon & 5k Turkey trot Half-Marathon

Team, Pacer & Marathon Races

Planned: 1

2019 Team, Pacer & Marathon Races
Race ID: 2569 - Team Race!Thursday, July 4, 2019: Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th

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